Ray de Luz

Ray de Luz

Age: 15 | Height: 5'2"

Birthday: December 23

Likes: Video Games, Cooking

Dislikes: Liars, Traitors, and breaking a promise

Ray is a spiky-haired boy filled with teen angst. In addition to that, he has the ability to see angels. He is very cynical and always suspects something when someone is being nice to him. Because he is often bullied, he ended up being rude to people as a defense mechanism.

The Angel with Black Wings

The Angel with Black Wings

Age: ?? | Height: 5'7"

Birthday: July 15

Likes: Sunset and household chores

Dislikes: People who like to harm others, nosy people

Known to the people as "Big Sis" and also the titular character of the story. A very beautiful Angel who stands out because of her mysterious black wings. She’s kind, gentle, selfless, and very caring. She tends to brood a lot and always blames herself on anything bad that happens around her.



Age: ?? | Height: 5'10"

Birthday: September 29(?)

Likes: Lillies, amusements and Big Sis

Dislikes: Breaking the rules, fighting

A happy-go-lucky angel who appears and accompanies Big Sis from time to time. She finds amusement in pulling harmless pranks among her peers and certain humans, which makes you wonder, how did she become an angel in the first place. Despite a high tendency to goof off, she is very strong and won't go as far as to blatantly break their rules.

Mara Diaz

Mara Diaz

Age: 15 | Height: 4'11"

Birthday: February 7

Likes: Studying, hanging out with "friends"

Dislikes: Being alone

Mara is a petite girl who is really smart. As such, she's the top of their class. She often wears pigtails on both sides. She is a nice girl but she has a very unorthodox way in expressing her feelings to the one she likes. She has a tendency to go along the whims of her so-called friends, for fear that she might get abandoned if she doesn't follow them.

Vladimir Hector

Vladimir Hector

Age: ?? | Height: 6'0"

Birthday: January 17

Likes: Perfection

Dislikes: Imperfections and sins

Vladimir is the leader of the angelic faction Legion. Once a subordinate of Silver, he defected from the angelic society because of his resentment against the angel's rules. He founded the Legion with the goal of eliminating the sins in the world and make the "perfect" world based on his ideals.

Minor Characters

Raphael - One of the archangels. He specializes in healing physically and spiritually. He and Silver seem to be acquainted.

Albert Dumas - A new classmate of Ray. He seems to be doing some dubious activities outside school.

Serena - An angel who accompanies Albert. Little is known about her. She never shows emotion.

Cynthia - A middle-aged woman who likes to hang around at Heaven's Cafe. She seems to know something about a certain someone.

Mara's mom - A nice lady who pretends she doesn't know what's going on with her daughter and her school life.

Leina Tenor - leader of the female "barkada" Mara belongs to. She has a gangster for a boyfriend.

Danilo Tamaraw - One of the guys who bully Ray. He thinks he's a hotshot just because he's older and more athletic than his classmates.

Bubwit - (translation from word "mice") He is one of Tamaraw's henchmen.

Pakwan - (translation from word "watermelon") He is also one of Tamaraw's henchmen.