The End of Peace, Page 16

Gasp! How dare Bnaenae trap Big Sis in a cage! >:U

ALSO, The Angel with Black Wings will be discussed over at Comic Tea Party from November 18th to 24th.

What is Comic Tea Party? Basically, it's a book club but for webcomics. The Angel with Black Wings will be discussed for the entire week and you're free to express your crack theories about this comic. I'll be there chatting too!

How does it work? So what will happen is the tea party host, RebelVampire will ask questions, regarding the comic (4 on Sunday and one each day until Saturday) and you're free to answer the question or you know, discuss something else related to the comic. Actually, TABW was featured back in 2017 at the Thursday-only chat. So you can see the archive if you're curious how it goes.

How can you join? Just join the Comic Tea Party discord server

I hope peeps join in because God knows how good I am at asking people to come to stuffs. LOL.

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